Who is Secretary of Energy Steven Chu?

As an American physicist, Dr. Steven Chu took the office of the US Secretary of Energy more qualified than nearly any previous person to hold the title. Known most prominently for his work with Bell Labs where he cooled and trapped atoms with laser light, he was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics […]

Obama Wants You to Watch Fox News

This weekend, the White House gave Fox News a sharp elbow, restarting the periodic debate about whether Fox News is actually news. This is rather like asking whether Daffy Duck is actually the Chrysler Building. Of course it’s not. Everyone knows it’s not. Why would the White House bother to bring it up?[…]

When Your House is the White House: Are the Obama Girls in the Public Too Much?

Refreshingly, no.  The President and First Lady appear to be working hard to insure that Malia (11) and Sasha (8) get all the grand experiences and none of the media fall-out that seem to be a part of the lives of First Children. Anyone making this argument is likely motivated by their relative youth.  Not […]

Facts and History of the White House

What facts and history of the White House do you know? In 1790, President George Washington declared the federal government should reside “not exceeding ten miles square…on the river Potomac.”  Then with Pierre L’Enfant, they chose the now 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue location for the White House and planned the future federal city around it. The […]

Obama Announces Healthcare Reform Timeline

After a surprising gathering of healthcare moguls, President Obama announced his plan to reform healthcare in the United States. Even more surprising is the confident timeline he placed on the measure. Obama vowed by the end of 2009 to address three key issues related to US healthcare policy.

Clean Cut Credit Cards – Reforming the System

President Obama recently announced plans to reform complicated and misleading credit card practices. It is going to be hard for critics to point out fault in Obama’s plans without appearing crooked or unsympathetic in the eyes of the public. Reading that fine print has become essential to anybody signing up for a credit card, but with so many unfamiliar financial abbreviations, percentages and numbers to sort through, understanding exactly what you’re signing up for can bring you to tears. […]

North Korea Missile Launch Approaches

North Korea claims it is a peaceful, scientific endeavor, while the rest of the world, particularly the US, Japan and South Korea, doesn’t buy it. The United States has warned that the launch would trigger harsher sanctions against the communist country, although China would probably use its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to block any attempt to tighten restrictions. As the Japanese and United States deployed their anti-missile defense systems this week, the situation has become a royal mess.[…]

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