Bush v. Gore – Looking Back at the Controversial Supreme Court Decision

Perhaps no event shows the power that the United States Supreme Court has than during the 2000 presidential election. Right after the public thought that who would be president had been resolved, the Court to come in to decide who had won actually won the role. On election night of 2000 many people went to […]

The Teapot Dome Scandal – The Start of Government Corruption

During the 1900s, there were many officials who openly disagreed with holding oil reserves for the navy. The most well known official to have disapproved of the federal reserves was Republican Senator Albert B. Fall. His political allies convinced President Harding to appoint him as United States Secretary of the Interior in March of 1921. […]

Will Amy Klobuchar Remain in the Senate?

First elected to the US Senate in 2006, Amy Klobuchar became the first woman to hold the position from the State of Minnesota. Following the 2008 election, she became the senior Senator from the state and the only one serving while the results from the vote were contested in court until July 7, 2009. Throughout […]

What are the Duties of the Supreme Court?

The duties of the Supreme Court cover a grand spectrum of legislation and jurisdiction.  First and foremost, they are to interpret the law. The Supreme Court is to define, defend, and uphold the American Constitution. Another duty of the Supreme Court is that they hear cases from lower State courts. For example, the Supreme Court […]

Supreme Court Justices Currently on Bench

The Supreme Court Justices are appointed judges of the highest court of America. Those justices currently of the bench are John Roberts – appointed 2005, John Paul Stevens – appointed 1975, Samuel A. Alito Jr. – appointed 2006,  Anthony Kennedy – appointed 1988, Clarence Thomas – appointed 1991, Ruth Bader Ginsberg – appointed 1993, Stephen […]

What Does the Senate Judiciary Committee Do?

The Senate Judiciary Committee deals with cases of espionage, civil liberties, bankruptcy, and are involved in Supreme Court confirmations. This committee was established in 1816 and is “still one of the most influential standing committees in the U.S.”. One of their main responsibilities is overseeing specific activities of our government’s executive branch. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s current Chairman is Senator Patrick […]

Constitution Party Denounces Supreme Court’s Ten Commandments Decision

The Constitution Party National Committee released a statement on June 28, 2005, regarding the display of the Ten Commandments. “Decisions of the Supreme Court regarding public display of the Ten Commandments reflect a continuing disregard of the moral and legal principles upon which our nation was established,” observes William K. Shearer, spokesperson for, and past […]

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