Whitewater Scandal – The $75 Million Dollar Investigation

What is now known as the Whitewater scandal had a very clear start, which included a land purchase in 1978. Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, helped James B. and Susan McDougal so that they could borrow a total of around $203,000 to buy 220 acres of land in Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains. They soon formed […]

Republicans Block Equal Pay Act

A new bill, which was designed to rid the 1963 Equal Pay Act of loopholes, needed 60 votes in order to pass. The bill only got 58 of the votes needed, and none of which were from any Republicans. The Republican Party said that while they opposed discrimination, the bill was written with very little […]

The Many Faces of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has had many appearances over the years, from first lady of Arkansas to senator to secretary of state. While we don’t generally judge men by the same standards, a female politician often faces scrutiny over her appearance. Hillary with Bill and the Reagans in the White House for a 1987 dinner honoring the […]

Should We Reelect Bill Nelson?

The senior Senator from Florida, Bill Nelson is a prominent member of the Democratic leadership within Congress. He was first elected to office in 1972 in the Florida House. In 1978, Nelson made a successful bid for federal office and soon became one of the first office-holders to fly into space aboard the Space Shuttle […]

Healthcare Blunder – How Will Reform Go Wrong?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, following a recent AHIP report, has been showing commercials claiming that health insurance prices will skyrocket if the Baucus bill passes in the Senate.[…]

Can Anyone Replace Ted Kennedy?

By KC Morgan For four decades, Massachusetts knew who would be representing them in the senior Senate seat for the state. Now that Ted Kennedy has passed away, he’s left a vacancy that has never been filled by another since 1962. Typical in-house arguing about the issue itself could delay the matter of finding a […]

Senator Ted Kennedy Loses Battle with Cancer

By KC Morgan Massachusetts Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy has finally succumbed to the cancer he battled for over a year. Kennedy, 77, was a member of the powerful political Kennedy family that has been a part of American politics for many decades. Reactions to Ted Kennedy’s Death “The Kennedy family and the Senate family have […]

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