Biggest Political Scandals of 2011

Over the course of 2011, there were was plenty of information about political dirt out there. Anywhere from sex scandals, to the Justice Department which allowed guns to illicitly flow into Mexico. However, these our some of these scandals which, to me, stood out the most. John Ensign John Ensign resigned in April after an […]

The Whiskey Ring – The Avoidance of Taxes on Whiskey During 1875

The Whiskey Ring was a scandal which, during 1875, involved diversion of tax revenues in a conspiracy among government agents, politicians, whiskey distillers, and distributors. The scandal started in St Louis but later spread to other places, such as Chicago, Milwaukee, and New Orleans. Before being caught, a group of mostly Republican politicians were able […]

If You Have To Defend It, It’s Probably Racist – America’s Racial Quagmire

It’s hard to believe that anyone in our nation, with its history, could be genuinely confused about whether or not something is racist.  There’s been so much attention in the media recently on attempts to justify racist images or remarks.  The unfortunate truth is that the structure of our very social fabric in this country […]

The Jack Abramoff Scandal and Saxby Chambliss

With the Jack Abramoff scandal finally behind the Beltway, Saxby Chambliss wants the people of Georgia to forget that he took the former lobbyist’s money or at least that he donated it to the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation. Chambliss donated the $1,000 in a rush dumping of the Abramoff money. While he was […]

Credit Card Numbers Released for Coleman Supporters

The Minnesota Recount Trial with Al Franken and Norm Coleman seems to finally be winding down after a long seven weeks of testimony, as Franken’s lawyers will call their final witness today. Republican Norm Coleman is fighting desperately to overturn Franken’s 225-vote lead of about 2.9 million votes, and be re-elected to the United States […]

The History of Political Scandal – Past, Present, and Future

With the onslaught of every new politician into the political arena we see what seems like the same promise over and over, “I’m not like the other guys.” Unfortunately with the passage of time and intensified scrutiny there are few to none that seem to be able to play the game of politics without at […]

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