Can Lee Byberg Claim Victory Over Collin Peterson?

Joining the political scene in 2010, Lee Byberg when he tried running for U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 7th congressional district. He was born on August 26th, 1962 in Brazil, Paraguay, later moving to Norway. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in the year 1990. He is a member of the Republican party who lost […]

Will Richard B. Nugent Get Reelected?

Replacing Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite in 2010, Representative Richard B. Nugent is best known as the Sheriff of Hernando County, Floria. Before representing the state’s 5th congressional district, Sheriff Nugent made a name for himself by balancing the budget for law enforcement and updating the sheriff’s department’s technology and computer system. Supported by the Tea Party, […]

Republicans Proposal for Health Care Reform

With one out of every seven Americans living without Health Care insurance, it’s time to come to an agreement on Health Care Reform. The Republicans Proposal for Health Care Reform is entitled Patient’s Choice Act of 2009. The Republicans proposal is for each American to have personalized choice of Health Care Coverage through State-Health Insurance […]

Responsibility: Government and Media

The source of information about our government is the all powerful, all knowing media.

Bush Endorsement Hurt Roger Wicker

Although endorsed by other less controversial Republicans, the endorsement of Roger Wicker for Mississippi’s Senate seat by President Bush could spell doom for this appointed Senator. Taking office after the retirement of Trent Lott, Wicker is running for reelection. Bush pointed out his respect for his constituency and his colleagues, calling him and advocate for […]

Credit Card Numbers Released for Coleman Supporters

The Minnesota Recount Trial with Al Franken and Norm Coleman seems to finally be winding down after a long seven weeks of testimony, as Franken’s lawyers will call their final witness today. Republican Norm Coleman is fighting desperately to overturn Franken’s 225-vote lead of about 2.9 million votes, and be re-elected to the United States […]

Bribe Scandal Affects Alabama Senate Race

Paranoia and mistrust have swept the Alabama legislature in recent months, aiding to concerns of voters in electing Democrats, including Vivian Figures. Although she remains unaffected, dozens of members of Alabama’s legislature have been issued subpoenas in recent months, nearly 1/3 of the body, mostly Democrats. The subpoenas are in regards to bribery and corruption […]

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