Who is Kim Jong-un?

Who is Kim Jong-un? He’s the youngest son of Kim Jong Il, Pyongyang, North Korea’s former ruthless leader. Kim Jong-un  became his father’s successor upon his death. It’s not ironic that he’s also the most like his father in portly appearance as well as vicious personality, much more so than Kim Jong Il’s other two sons, Kim Jong-nam and Kim Jong-chul.  Many […]

North Korea Missile Launch Approaches

North Korea claims it is a peaceful, scientific endeavor, while the rest of the world, particularly the US, Japan and South Korea, doesn’t buy it. The United States has warned that the launch would trigger harsher sanctions against the communist country, although China would probably use its veto power in the United Nations Security Council to block any attempt to tighten restrictions. As the Japanese and United States deployed their anti-missile defense systems this week, the situation has become a royal mess.[…]

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