Nancy Pelosi Discusses Democratic Election Prospects

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives discusses the election prospects of 2012.

Pelosi Power: What Does the Speaker of the House of Representatives Do?

The Speaker of the House of Representatives performs a variety of duties.  Democrat Nancy Pelosi—our current Speaker and the first woman, Californian, and Italian American to hold the position—serves in three main roles: representing her district, leading both her party and the House as a whole, and ensuring respectful behavior on the House floor. As […]

Famous Politicians: Nancy Pelosi

By ltfiggs Most undoubtedly, over the past twenty-two years, Nancy Pelosi has become a famous politician. She has served California’s Eighth District since 1987. Nancy Pelosi was their House Minority Leader for four years and has served as the Speaker of the House since January 4, 2007. Some of her actions assisted her in becoming […]

How Long Has Nancy Pelosi Been In Office?

Nancy Pelosi has held a political office for the past 22 years. She has represented California’s Eighth District House of Representatives since 1987. Nancy Pelosi was the House Minority Leader from 2003 to 2007. She has also been a  senior member of California’s Eighth District’s House Appropriations Committee.  On January 4, 2007, she became Speaker of the House. […]

Will Nancy Pelosi Run for President?

It’s not confirmed if Nancy Pelosi will run for President. Dare we say “Let’s Hope Not!!”; she’s already third in line. The 2010 election campaigns are at their starting blocks so Nancy Pelosi is sure to be someone’s target.  She may not even manage to get reelected as House Speaker let alone run for President. What would […]

Nancy Pelosi’s Reelection Chances

The GOP would love nothing more than to see Nancy Pelosi disappear. Yet Nancy Pelosi’s 2010 reelection chances still live although she’s killing President Obama’s efforts to raise the ethical standards in Washington. She’s openly defied America’s former and current Presidents and brazenly demonstrates she’ll fight to keep earmarks alive regardless of President Obama’s desire to banish them. Too many overlook or dismiss her actions. Remember, Nancy Pelosi’s the first House Speaker to fly to the Middle East for her own version of Peace Talks while failing to mention it to then President G.W. Bush and yet she STILL has chances of reelection.

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