Causes of Economic Recession

Situations which cause economic recession and the ripple effects that they can have.

Government Buying Toxic Assets; Dow Jumps 497 Points; Hope Restored?

Some call it ‘cash for trash’, while Morgan Stanley believes it will do some good for the credit markets. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner revealed the Obama administration’s plan to help buy up to $1 trillion in bad bank debt. These toxic assets have been weighing heavily on the financial and banking institutions, limiting their ability to loan money and making credit hard to come by for many families. The plan was met with general approval from Wall Street investors, as the Dow Jones industrial average skyrocketed 497 points, making March 23, 2009 the fifth largest single-day point gain ever.

Responsibility: Government and Media

The source of information about our government is the all powerful, all knowing media.

AIG Pranks America

With the realization that April Fool’s Day is just around the corner, I cannot help but wonder if AIG is pulling a fast one on the American people.

Bribe Scandal Affects Alabama Senate Race

Paranoia and mistrust have swept the Alabama legislature in recent months, aiding to concerns of voters in electing Democrats, including Vivian Figures. Although she remains unaffected, dozens of members of Alabama’s legislature have been issued subpoenas in recent months, nearly 1/3 of the body, mostly Democrats. The subpoenas are in regards to bribery and corruption […]

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