JFK and Marilyn Monroe – Did It Really Happen?

Was there actually any relationship between these two people? Was there not? It really hasn’t been proven if it has. People who were more involved in the lives of these two cant even answer this question. However, on a general basis it is believed it did happen. Part of the reason it is believed that […]

10 Shortest Presidencies

Throughout American history, a two-term president is actually a rare thing. Only 12 of the 44 presidents have successfully fulfilled two or more full terms. The remainder have either lost reelection, resigned, been assassinated, died while in office or had another odd occurrence prevent them from serving the full time. 10 such presidents didn’t even […]

“JFK” John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was known by a number of names but most commonly Jack or JFK. During World War II, the Massachusetts Democrat served as the commander of PT-109, a motor torpedo boat. After serving in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, he was elected president over Vice President Richard Nixon. Kennedy has […]

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