Whitewater Scandal – The $75 Million Dollar Investigation

What is now known as the Whitewater scandal had a very clear start, which included a land purchase in 1978. Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, helped James B. and Susan McDougal so that they could borrow a total of around $203,000 to buy 220 acres of land in Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains. They soon formed […]

Bush v. Gore – Looking Back at the Controversial Supreme Court Decision

Perhaps no event shows the power that the United States Supreme Court has than during the 2000 presidential election. Right after the public thought that who would be president had been resolved, the Court to come in to decide who had won actually won the role. On election night of 2000 many people went to […]

Bush Endorsement Hurt Roger Wicker

Although endorsed by other less controversial Republicans, the endorsement of Roger Wicker for Mississippi’s Senate seat by President Bush could spell doom for this appointed Senator. Taking office after the retirement of Trent Lott, Wicker is running for reelection. Bush pointed out his respect for his constituency and his colleagues, calling him and advocate for […]

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