“Story of Stuff” – Giving Children an Education on Reality

We can, and that includes our children.  Some people are hissing about the video the www.storyofstuff.com, which was designed to be used in schools—claiming that it is “un-American” and should be censored… because censorship is so American. We as parents do a lot in the name of protecting our children—it’s one of our responsibilities, along […]

Teaching Economic in High School – Where Our Education System Fails

It would certainly be nice if more, even most Americans had a firm grasp of economics, real-world as well as classical. At least then, our public debate could focus on the features of economic life that actually exist. This would likely rein in the discourse on both the right and left. But in a national climate in which a substantial percentage of people don’t think evolution should be taught in schools, I see little hope for economics.

Reading, Reproduction and ‘Rithmatic – Sex Education in Schools

Never mind what “works” or what “doesn’t” when it comes to sexual education.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  What else do we expect our schools to teach our children? How to read?  Of course, if they can’t read a STOP sign or a warning label, they might endanger themselves.  How to do basic math?  […]

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