Why Stop at Neutral? Freakonomics on the Daily Show

Last night, Steven Levitt, co-author of Freakonomics and now the ostensibly freakier Super Freakonomics, appeared on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart expressed his enthusiasm for Levitt’s position that we should be combating global warming in many ways, not only by reducing emissions but also by implementing strategies to actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.[…]

Teaching Economic in High School – Where Our Education System Fails

It would certainly be nice if more, even most Americans had a firm grasp of economics, real-world as well as classical. At least then, our public debate could focus on the features of economic life that actually exist. This would likely rein in the discourse on both the right and left. But in a national climate in which a substantial percentage of people don’t think evolution should be taught in schools, I see little hope for economics.

Screw the Kids and Their Little Dog, Too – How Baby Boomers Ruined Our Generation

Y’know, I’m really happy with the world as it is and the wonderful politicians we have in Washington. They really know how to make things work. Forgive me if I may be mistaken, but this Jobs Bill (I refuse to call it a stimulus or bailout) to the tune of $789 billion is absolutely wonderful. […]

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