The Teapot Dome Scandal – The Start of Government Corruption

During the 1900s, there were many officials who openly disagreed with holding oil reserves for the navy. The most well known official to have disapproved of the federal reserves was Republican Senator Albert B. Fall. His political allies convinced President Harding to appoint him as United States Secretary of the Interior in March of 1921. […]

Famous Politicians: Nancy Pelosi

By ltfiggs Most undoubtedly, over the past twenty-two years, Nancy Pelosi has become a famous politician. She has served California’s Eighth District since 1987. Nancy Pelosi was their House Minority Leader for four years and has served as the Speaker of the House since January 4, 2007. Some of her actions assisted her in becoming […]

Will Nancy Pelosi Run for President?

It’s not confirmed if Nancy Pelosi will run for President. Dare we say “Let’s Hope Not!!”; she’s already third in line. The 2010 election campaigns are at their starting blocks so Nancy Pelosi is sure to be someone’s target.  She may not even manage to get reelected as House Speaker let alone run for President. What would […]

Are There Benefits to Legalizing Marijuana?

By KC Morgan Legalizing marijuana in the United States has been an extremely contentious issue for a number of years. Many different countries now have laws governing the use and sale of marijuana, and the state of California currently allows the growing and smoking of medicinal marijuana. Could the rest of the country be that […]

The Injustice of California’s Record Sealing Statute

By: Mathew Higbee If you were arrested and tried for a crime where there was not even “reasonable cause” to believe that you committed the crime, you can be left with a criminal record that will prevent you from getting a job, housing, volunteering in your children’s classroom, and other basic things that those with […]

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