Healthcare Blunder – How Will Reform Go Wrong?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, following a recent AHIP report, has been showing commercials claiming that health insurance prices will skyrocket if the Baucus bill passes in the Senate.[…]

Slow Boring of Hard Boards – Supporters of Status Quo Healthcare

Despite this really visible opposition to change, or perhaps because of it, I am starting to feel the slightest bit…hmm, what’s the word…un-pessimistic.[…]

Unreliable Sources – Debating the Public Healthcare Option

Yesterday’s healthcare debate in the Senate Finance Committee was a dismal spectacle for so many reasons. Two public options were voted down. Sen. Baucus offered no better reason for voting against Sen. Schumer’s public option than his belief that other senators were not going to vote for it when the bill left committee. It was something less than heroic. But the last straw was when Sen. Grassley unabashedly adduced research that wouldn’t pass muster in an A.P. Government class.

The Great Debate – Tort Reform vs. Obamacare

Whereas the rhetoric of the House is often transparently insane, the thrust and parry of the senate is endlessly amusing.

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