Healthcare Reform – How America is Attempting to Change Medicine

The United States is one of the few countries in the world without some form of universal healthcare for its population. Due to the fact that the nation has a free market system, medical treatment has primarily been supplied by a series of insurance companies working with physicians and medical establishments. This resulted in the […]

Ron Paul in a Tie with Obama in Virginia

According to recent poll information in Virginia, 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is running neck-and-neck against President Barack Obama in a potential general election. Republican and Democratic voters throughout Virginia were asked which candidate they preferred and Paul came in a striking 43 percent, identical to the President. When it came to Independent voters, […]

When Your House is the White House: Are the Obama Girls in the Public Too Much?

Refreshingly, no.  The President and First Lady appear to be working hard to insure that Malia (11) and Sasha (8) get all the grand experiences and none of the media fall-out that seem to be a part of the lives of First Children. Anyone making this argument is likely motivated by their relative youth.  Not […]

Barack Obama and Health Care Reform

What exactly does Barack Obama’s Health Care Reform entail? The President makes it clear he wants every American to have affordable health care. But how do families living in and below the low-income to poverty-level afford health care when they currently rely government-provided free food and medical services? So, who will be foot the health care reform bills of those individuals?  President Obama […]

Nancy Pelosi’s Reelection Chances

The GOP would love nothing more than to see Nancy Pelosi disappear. Yet Nancy Pelosi’s 2010 reelection chances still live although she’s killing President Obama’s efforts to raise the ethical standards in Washington. She’s openly defied America’s former and current Presidents and brazenly demonstrates she’ll fight to keep earmarks alive regardless of President Obama’s desire to banish them. Too many overlook or dismiss her actions. Remember, Nancy Pelosi’s the first House Speaker to fly to the Middle East for her own version of Peace Talks while failing to mention it to then President G.W. Bush and yet she STILL has chances of reelection.

Obama Announces Healthcare Reform Timeline

After a surprising gathering of healthcare moguls, President Obama announced his plan to reform healthcare in the United States. Even more surprising is the confident timeline he placed on the measure. Obama vowed by the end of 2009 to address three key issues related to US healthcare policy.

Government Buying Toxic Assets; Dow Jumps 497 Points; Hope Restored?

Some call it ‘cash for trash’, while Morgan Stanley believes it will do some good for the credit markets. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner revealed the Obama administration’s plan to help buy up to $1 trillion in bad bank debt. These toxic assets have been weighing heavily on the financial and banking institutions, limiting their ability to loan money and making credit hard to come by for many families. The plan was met with general approval from Wall Street investors, as the Dow Jones industrial average skyrocketed 497 points, making March 23, 2009 the fifth largest single-day point gain ever.

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