What Is TARP and Is TARP Working?

TARP is the Troubled Assets Relief Program introduced by Henry Paulson in September of 2008. TARP is also considered the mortgage bailout bill. Paulson claims this program is not to be a stimulus package. The purpose of this program is to take bad mortgages off the books of banks and mortgage lenders so they no […]

Will Recession Turn Into Depression?

The current recession is an international dilemma. With plans to bailout auto-makers, banks, and mortgage agencies now totaling over $800 billion, one must ask where’s the stimulus part? Will this recession turn into a depression? Economists and statisticians claim the economy is recovering yet the dollar’s value continues to drop, stocks are at a 12-year […]

Government Buying Toxic Assets; Dow Jumps 497 Points; Hope Restored?

Some call it ‘cash for trash’, while Morgan Stanley believes it will do some good for the credit markets. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner revealed the Obama administration’s plan to help buy up to $1 trillion in bad bank debt. These toxic assets have been weighing heavily on the financial and banking institutions, limiting their ability to loan money and making credit hard to come by for many families. The plan was met with general approval from Wall Street investors, as the Dow Jones industrial average skyrocketed 497 points, making March 23, 2009 the fifth largest single-day point gain ever.

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