Beohner Blasts Obama Speech to Muslim World on Iran

Ohio Rep. John Boehner addressed President Obama’s recent comments at Cairo University. Obama spoke to the Muslim world, stating that speaking with Iran shows the weakness of the US.

What Type of Government Does Israel Have?

Israel’s government is based primarily around a legislature known as the Knesset, an executive branch composed of a President and Prime Minister with the Cabinet and a judicial branch with a system of secular and religious courts. The Knesset acts as the legislature. It is a 120-member unicameral body elected by the Israeli public. Using […]

What Form of Government Does Canada Have?

Canada is governed by constitutional monarchy and Westminster-style parliamentary democracy. Specifically the government is formulated into the Canadian Crown, an institution which is comprised of an executive, legislative and judicial branch. Each province is one unit within a federation. This formulation was established by Confederation, detailed in the Constitution Act of 1867. The monarchy is […]

What is the Mexico Style of Government?

Mexico operates under the framework of a federal presidential representative democratic republic as established by the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States. This means that it operates with a centralized government and a series of state governments. It has a Congress of the Union which handles legislative duties, divided between the Senate and the […]

Who is Kim Jong-un?

Who is Kim Jong-un? He’s the youngest son of Kim Jong Il, Pyongyang, North Korea’s former ruthless leader. Kim Jong-un  became his father’s successor upon his death. It’s not ironic that he’s also the most like his father in portly appearance as well as vicious personality, much more so than Kim Jong Il’s other two sons, Kim Jong-nam and Kim Jong-chul.  Many […]

Democratus Interruptus – Iran’s Coming Revolution

By amarkow It was just a few weeks ago that the Iranian green revolution was lead story in every newspaper, on all the TV newscasts, and throughout the web.  But when you look at news sources today, you might think that Iran’s repressive regime had squashed the entire movement and that all was back to […]

United States Moves to Get Iran Talking

Allowing Iran to continue uranium enrichment during the first phases of negotiations would have President Bush in a flutter. The former president stood his ground on issues pertaining to talks with Iran, demanding they stop their nuclear program before negotiations could take place. By accepting Iran’s continued enrichment practices for a bit during the talks, President Obama is taking another step towards separating himself from the former president’s strict, all-or-nothing, no compromise, hard-line, take no prisoners approach to foreign relations and diplomacy. […]

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