Senator Edward “Ted” M. Kennedy–Famous Politician

By ltfiggs 1962 when he was first elected into Senate. The Kennedy family is known for its successful involvement in civil rights, community services, Special Olympics, and as advocates of families with disabled children.  Senator Kennedy is a famous politician known for the National Teacher Corps Act in 1965, the Bilingual Education Act of 1968 and […]

What Does the Senate Judiciary Committee Do?

The Senate Judiciary Committee deals with cases of espionage, civil liberties, bankruptcy, and are involved in Supreme Court confirmations. This committee was established in 1816 and is “still one of the most influential standing committees in the U.S.”. One of their main responsibilities is overseeing specific activities of our government’s executive branch. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s current Chairman is Senator Patrick […]

How To Contact Your Senator

Contacting your local Senator is a fairly simple process. You can look them up in a local directory or on the Internet. In your local directory, they are listed in the front of the phonebook under the Federal/State/Local agency listings. To contact your senator, they can be reached by way of phone, mail, or electronic mail […]

Specter’s Flip Embodies More than a Changing Political Tide

When Senator Arlen Specter became a Democrat today, he did a lot more than bring the democrats to within one seat of a filibuster proof Senate. It is expected that when the Franken/Coleman bout up in Minnesota finally sorts itself out, Democrat Al Franken will come out victorious. And that’ll do it. No more flipping through phonebooks to kill time, the Senate will be filibuster proof, at least for now. […]

Bush Endorsement Hurt Roger Wicker

Although endorsed by other less controversial Republicans, the endorsement of Roger Wicker for Mississippi’s Senate seat by President Bush could spell doom for this appointed Senator. Taking office after the retirement of Trent Lott, Wicker is running for reelection. Bush pointed out his respect for his constituency and his colleagues, calling him and advocate for […]

Al Franken Scrutinized for Playboy Contribution

Al Franken has come under continued scrutiny regarding a column he wrote for Playboy entitled “Porn-O-Rama!” The writings were about Franken visiting a fictitious sex institute and being educated about sexuality by various humans and machines. Franken called it satire due to the fact that his profession is that of a comedian. However, Republican women […]

Credit Card Numbers Released for Coleman Supporters

The Minnesota Recount Trial with Al Franken and Norm Coleman seems to finally be winding down after a long seven weeks of testimony, as Franken’s lawyers will call their final witness today. Republican Norm Coleman is fighting desperately to overturn Franken’s 225-vote lead of about 2.9 million votes, and be re-elected to the United States […]

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