Nancy Pelosi’s Reelection Chances

The GOP would love nothing more than to see Nancy Pelosi disappear. Yet Nancy Pelosi’s 2010 reelection chances still live although she’s killing President Obama’s efforts to raise the ethical standards in Washington. She’s openly defied America’s former and current Presidents and brazenly demonstrates she’ll fight to keep earmarks alive regardless of President Obama’s desire to banish them. Too many overlook or dismiss her actions. Remember, Nancy Pelosi’s the first House Speaker to fly to the Middle East for her own version of Peace Talks while failing to mention it to then President G.W. Bush and yet she STILL has chances of reelection.

Why Would Obama Have Been Born in Kenya?

Fact: 18 percent of Americans believe the Sun revolves around the Earth. Fact: 10 percent of Americans believe that Obama was born in Kenya. Right-wing groups have been touting that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii. Despite the fact that the President released a copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate, right-wingers […]

The Jack Abramoff Scandal and Saxby Chambliss

With the Jack Abramoff scandal finally behind the Beltway, Saxby Chambliss wants the people of Georgia to forget that he took the former lobbyist’s money or at least that he donated it to the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation. Chambliss donated the $1,000 in a rush dumping of the Abramoff money. While he was […]

The History of Political Scandal – Past, Present, and Future

With the onslaught of every new politician into the political arena we see what seems like the same promise over and over, “I’m not like the other guys.” Unfortunately with the passage of time and intensified scrutiny there are few to none that seem to be able to play the game of politics without at […]

Bribe Scandal Affects Alabama Senate Race

Paranoia and mistrust have swept the Alabama legislature in recent months, aiding to concerns of voters in electing Democrats, including Vivian Figures. Although she remains unaffected, dozens of members of Alabama’s legislature have been issued subpoenas in recent months, nearly 1/3 of the body, mostly Democrats. The subpoenas are in regards to bribery and corruption […]

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