Growth and Escalation of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was one of the United States’ longest and most frustrating conflicts.  Occurring between 1959 and 1975, the war was fought between communist North Vietnam and its allies against the United States and South Vietnam.  During the era of the Cold War and the expansion of communism, the US entered the war to […]

Afghanistan Memo

U.S. policy in Afghanistan increasingly reminds me of the episode of The Twilight Zone in which a little girl inadvertently slips though her bedroom wall and into a dimension not unlike an M.C. Escher drawing.

Resistance is Futile – The Military and Global Warming

By amarkow A mighty blow will soon be struck against the enemies of peace and freedom by the forces of our own U.S. military. This fight won’t be against radical Islamists, Hugo Chavez or Communist China, because we have truly seen the enemy and it is … Global Warming. After years of denying its existence, […]

Implications of America’s Withdrawal from Iraq

By: Ziv Maor The Democrats have taken over Capitol Hill, and have a mandate to withdraw American forces from Iraq ASAP. It is likely that in the medium to long term, this move would have great impact on Israel The elections held in the US last week revolved around a number of issues, but there […]

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