What Caused the First Sino-Japanese War?

The First Sino-Japanese War was a conflict between China and Japan in the late 19th century over the future of the Korean peninsula. Between August 1894 and April 1895, China and Japan were engaged in a war over the future of the Korean peninsula in a conflict that became known as the First Sino-Japanese War. […]

What Caused the First Boer War?

The British seized the Cape of Good Hope from the Dutch in the early 1800s, sparking a conflict between colonists of both powers and native Africans. During the 1800s, the southern portion of Africa was challenged by a mix of cultural and ethnic diversity along with a number of economic interests. Following the Napoleonic Wars, […]

Veterans Benefits for Military Service Families

Veterans benefits can be obtained for the families of disabled and active duty service members in the military. Veterans benefits are available to families of service members through a variety of organizations and the Department of Veterans Affairs. These benefits come in the form of general assistance to disabled veterans and active duty families in […]

Santorum Sends Condolences to Families of Fallen Marines

Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum delivered a solemn statement regarding the death of seven Marines in an Arizona helicopter crash on February 22: “The thoughts and prayers of the entire Santorum family go out to the families of the Marines who died last evening.  Every day, thousands of our brave countrymen and women put on […]

Pentagon Charged with Brainwashing Senators and Admiral

According to a Rolling Stone article published Wednesday, Texas National Guard Lt. Colonel Michael Holmes alleged that his unit tool part in psychological activities to influence lawmakers visiting the state to support additional troops and funding for the war in Afghanistan. In response, Gen. David Petraeus, top commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan has ordered […]

Legitimacy Matters – Reviewing the Afghan War

It seems that in the weeks since Gen. McChrystal’s report was leaked, that the Afghanistan discussion has been limited by a false binary: Is it better to send more troops to protect civilians or is it better to draw down troops and increase air strikes on Al Qaeda targets? Since the success of a greater troop commitment ultimately relies on the legitimacy of the Afghan government, a third and probably far better option is to first establish how legitimate that government can possibly be.[…]

How Much Are We Spending on the War in Iraq?

Only in America would citizens and politicians be ardently debating the value of extending healthcare to all of its citizens, but say not a word about the cost of the wars being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan. With monetary costs that are rising daily, not to mention the human costs of over 4,000 Americans killed, […]

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