Unreliable Sources – Debating the Public Healthcare Option

Yesterday’s healthcare debate in the Senate Finance Committee was a dismal spectacle for so many reasons. Two public options were voted down. Sen. Baucus offered no better reason for voting against Sen. Schumer’s public option than his belief that other senators were not going to vote for it when the bill left committee. It was something less than heroic. But the last straw was when Sen. Grassley unabashedly adduced research that wouldn’t pass muster in an A.P. Government class.

The Great Debate – Tort Reform vs. Obamacare

Whereas the rhetoric of the House is often transparently insane, the thrust and parry of the senate is endlessly amusing.

Pennies for Pounds – Should the Government Tax Soda?

There is a new commercial out that is designed to make me angry about proposals at the state and national levels to help pay for healthcare by taxing soda and sweetened “juice” drinks. When these commercials first appeared, they so annoyed me that I immediately wrote to my congressman to say I was adamantly in favor of such a tax.

Non-Lethal Protesting 101

Watching coverage of the protesters who brought assault weapons to Health Care rallies, I found myself imagining how I might explain the choice to a child. “Why do those people have those big guns?” “Because it’s their right to have them.” “Are they mad because someone told them they couldn’t have them?” “No, they’re protesting […]

Health Care: What’s Your Story?

Health Care debates have become a stage for the sob story.  People from all walks of life are coming forward to share their suffering.  It might take a while for each person to hear the case that cuts straight to their heart, but there’s no end to the variety.  It might seem full-proof, after all, […]

Barack Obama and Health Care Reform

What exactly does Barack Obama’s Health Care Reform entail? The President makes it clear he wants every American to have affordable health care. But how do families living in and below the low-income to poverty-level afford health care when they currently rely government-provided free food and medical services? So, who will be foot the health care reform bills of those individuals?  President Obama […]

Examples of Future Public Health Care In the States

What is the future of Public Health Care for individual U.S. states? Is the Federal Government hiring Clinical Staff for “home visits” to “implement interventions” for improved coverage of children’s immunizations, all in the name of “Creating Healthier Communities”? Actually, it may be in the name of the Almighty Dollar (for what it’s still worth). […]

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