Single Payer Health Care: Who Gets to Go to the Prom?

A single-payer health care system provides complete and comprehensive coverage to anyone who pays taxes.  The term “single” refers not to the individual, but to a single public body (group of people) who are paying into a single fund—not unlike how Medicare works in the US.  In a single-payer system, the government handles the fund […]

Health Care Reform: A Simple Explanation

The simplest definition of Health Care Reform lies in the word reform—which means to amend or improve through change. This divides the American people into two camps: those who think our present health care system is flawed and needs to be improved, and those who believe that it is acceptable and want things to remain […]

(Something), Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – No Healthcare for the Weak

One hundred years ago, no one would even think about paying current rates for healthcare because doctors couldn’t do all that much for us. Certainly, there were doctors and certainly, some of them made a lot of money, but not many of their treatments were very effective.[…]

Keep Your Eye on the Ball – Debating Healthcare and Big Government

Last night, Keith Olbermann devoted his entire show to a special comment on healthcare. Among other things, he hammered the point that none of us, supporters or opponents, are really talking about what healthcare is—preventing death.[…]

The Real McCaughey – Death Panels and Other Rhetoric to Destroy Healthcare Reform

As long as Dylan Ratigan, Rep. Anthony Weiner and Michelle Cottle of The New Republic have Betsy McCaughey pinned down, I might as well get a few kicks in. If you aren’t familiar with Betsy McCaughey, you would know her if you saw her, because she seems to be everywhere. She was influential in killing healthcare reform during the Clinton administration, but more recently, she is the progenitor of the “death panel” myth.[…]

Slow Boring of Hard Boards – Supporters of Status Quo Healthcare

Despite this really visible opposition to change, or perhaps because of it, I am starting to feel the slightest bit…hmm, what’s the word…un-pessimistic.[…]

Grayson’s Gage – The Republican Healthcare Bill

Representative Alan Grayson caused a stir in the House yesterday when he presented “the Republican healthcare bill.” It was quite simple: 1. Don’t get sick. 2. If you do get sick, die quickly.[…]

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