“The Gentleman Boss” Chester A. Arthur

Following the assassination of James Garfield, Chester A. Arthur became the 21st President. Overall, the country was wary when he initially took office due to his history of being a New York Republican insider. He originally only became vice president to balance the ticket with eastern Stalwart Republicans. During his tenure, he signed the Pendleton […]

Ron Paul in a Tie with Obama in Virginia

According to recent poll information in Virginia, 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is running neck-and-neck against President Barack Obama in a potential general election. Republican and Democratic voters throughout Virginia were asked which candidate they preferred and Paul came in a striking 43 percent, identical to the President. When it came to Independent voters, […]

The Oakland Press Supports Mitt Romney for President

The Oakland Press, a newspaper organization from Boston, MA, release its support for Mitt Romney on February 22. According to a release, the hometown supporter believes that Romney is best suited to compete against Obama for the presidency in the fall. During what has been a challenging campaign of late for the Romney camp, this […]

Santorum Criticizes Romney’s Stance on the Environment

The Rick Santorum campaign released a press statement on February 21 espousing Mitt Romney’s stance on climate change: Mitt Romney, “I concur that climate change is beginning to affect our natural resources and that now is the time to take action toward climate protection.” Mitt Romney, “I am convinced it’s good for business.” Verona, PA […]

Gingrich Speaks at Oral Roberts

Newt Gingrich stumped before a crowd of 3,500 people at the Mabec Center on the campus of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The main themes for the day after President’s Day were the Founding Fathers, his plan to build American jobs and goals of domestic drilling changing the country’s dependence on foreign oil. Gingrich […]

Conservationist Rob Keck Throws His Support Behind Romney

According to a press release from the Romney campaign, conservationist and hunter Rob Keck has announced his support of the candidate for president. “It has been a pleasure to know Rob and spend time with him,” said Mitt Romney. “Rob represents the best in our country’s long hunting tradition. As president, I will work with […]

The Many Faces of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has had many appearances over the years, from first lady of Arkansas to senator to secretary of state. While we don’t generally judge men by the same standards, a female politician often faces scrutiny over her appearance. Hillary with Bill and the Reagans in the White House for a 1987 dinner honoring the […]

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