Divorce Rights Denied to Same-Sex Couples

Same-sex couples can currently only marry in 6 states, along with the District of Columbia. These places do not require people to be a resident of the state in order to get married there. As such, anyone can go over the state border in order to get married there. However, if they want to get […]

Who is Marco Rubio?

Junior Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio is a member of the Republican Party and former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. Born in 1971 to Cuban immigrants, he grew up in Miami, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. He attended the University of Florida and earned his law degree form the University of Miami School […]

Ronnie Paul to Campaign for His Father in Hawaii

The Ron Paul camp announced on February 24 it would be sending the Congressman’s oldest son, Ronnie Paul, to Hawaii to campaign on his father’s behalf. Hawaii is scheduled to hold its state caucus on March 13 and Paul holds a sizable level of support. The campaign says it will announce specific details later. Ronnie […]

Associated Builders and Contractors Endorses Romney

On February 24, Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) endorsed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for President during the ABC National Board of Directors meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. “The election of Mitt Romney as president is a top priority for the commercial and industrial construction industry and the millions of Americans it employs,” said 2012 ABC […]

Alabama Congressman Aderholt Endorses Santorum

Rick Santorum’s campaign announced today, February 24, that it received the support and endorsement from Alabama Congressman Robert Aderholt. Congressman Aderholt commented about the candidate: “In Rick Santorum we have a leader who reveres America’s Founding Principles because they are his foundation, a leader who understands the importance of manufacturing to economic growth because it […]

Mitt Romney Gets Support on Tax Plan

Today, February 23, the Mitt Romney campaign released a statement providing quotes from a number of sources regarding his tax plan: “If Romney does become the Republican nominee, he would certainly be running on the boldest GOP agenda since Reagan ’80, maybe ever.” – James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute National Review: “It’s a pro-growth plan. […]

Gingrich Requests Investigation of Justice Department

In an effort to push the federal government into action, Newt Gingrich sent a letter to the Honorable Lamar Smith, Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary, requesting he begins an investigation into the Department of Justice. According to an open case in North Dakota, the Justice Department possibly abused its authority when it […]

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