There But for Fortune – Effects of Unemployment on Everyday Life

I have just finished filing for my last unemployment check. That may not sound like a big deal to anyone, but let me assure you that it is. I’ve been on unemployment benefits for 18 months, thanks to the many government extensions that have been granted. Since my chosen field has been sales to the […]

Calvinomics – The Myth That Ovespending Caused the Recession

The economy is still in trouble and there will be more discussion about it in the coming weeks and months. We should not let morality obscure that discussion. Certainly we should strive for economic reforms that reward hard work and innovation rather than Wall St. coin clipping. We should also do what we can to make sure everyone has a fair chance at economic prosperity. But we shouldn’t let ourselves be led into the trap of believing that prudent spending is a sin or that our economy should go to hell.[…]

Dismal Recovery – How Will the Jobless Survive?

I suspect the epithet, “the dismal science,” persists because economists tend to deal with numbers, and numbers have very little regard for our wishful thinking.[…]

No Pain, No Gain – More Benefits of Economic Recession

Despair has a talent for spreading itself around, and while some feel encouraged to look on the bright side of the current economic recession, those whose lives have been ravaged often remain understandably cynical. Perhaps the only universal silver lining is acknowledging a fundamental truth—the only thing that will never change, is the reality that […]

The Real Decline in Unemployment?

when the media reports a decline in unemployment, where did the jobs come from?

The Auto Industry’s Impact on the US Economy

The impact of the auto industry on the us economy, has had an impact for years, long before the recession.

Teaching Economic in High School – Where Our Education System Fails

It would certainly be nice if more, even most Americans had a firm grasp of economics, real-world as well as classical. At least then, our public debate could focus on the features of economic life that actually exist. This would likely rein in the discourse on both the right and left. But in a national climate in which a substantial percentage of people don’t think evolution should be taught in schools, I see little hope for economics.

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