Single Payer Health Care: Who Gets to Go to the Prom?

A single-payer health care system provides complete and comprehensive coverage to anyone who pays taxes.  The term “single” refers not to the individual, but to a single public body (group of people) who are paying into a single fund—not unlike how Medicare works in the US.  In a single-payer system, the government handles the fund […]

Health Care Reform: A Simple Explanation

The simplest definition of Health Care Reform lies in the word reform—which means to amend or improve through change. This divides the American people into two camps: those who think our present health care system is flawed and needs to be improved, and those who believe that it is acceptable and want things to remain […]

Pro-Prevention – An Alternative for Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

The Pro-Life and Pro-Choice camps have made it fatally clear that they will not be swayed.  Try to open a debate between them, and you face the kind of selective deafness and audio autopilot that have become the hallmarks of seemingly unbridgeable idealistic gaps.  Both sides are quick to assure everyone that there is no […]

If You Have To Defend It, It’s Probably Racist – America’s Racial Quagmire

It’s hard to believe that anyone in our nation, with its history, could be genuinely confused about whether or not something is racist.  There’s been so much attention in the media recently on attempts to justify racist images or remarks.  The unfortunate truth is that the structure of our very social fabric in this country […]

“Story of Stuff” – Giving Children an Education on Reality

We can, and that includes our children.  Some people are hissing about the video the, which was designed to be used in schools—claiming that it is “un-American” and should be censored… because censorship is so American. We as parents do a lot in the name of protecting our children—it’s one of our responsibilities, along […]

No Pain, No Gain – More Benefits of Economic Recession

Despair has a talent for spreading itself around, and while some feel encouraged to look on the bright side of the current economic recession, those whose lives have been ravaged often remain understandably cynical. Perhaps the only universal silver lining is acknowledging a fundamental truth—the only thing that will never change, is the reality that […]

Can I Get a Witness? Pelosi and Palin “In Pictures”

The term “photographic proof” used to mean something, but these days, reality has been bent and butchered beyond recognition.  Who, where, and what do you want to be today?  Photoshop can make it happen, and while it’s no surprise that one’s appearance influences the perception people have of them, the public’s tenacious willingness to focus […]

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