What Is TARP and Is TARP Working?

TARP is the Troubled Assets Relief Program introduced by Henry Paulson in September of 2008. TARP is also considered the mortgage bailout bill. Paulson claims this program is not to be a stimulus package. The purpose of this program is to take bad mortgages off the books of banks and mortgage lenders so they no […]

What are the Duties of the Supreme Court?

The duties of the Supreme Court cover a grand spectrum of legislation and jurisdiction.  First and foremost, they are to interpret the law. The Supreme Court is to define, defend, and uphold the American Constitution. Another duty of the Supreme Court is that they hear cases from lower State courts. For example, the Supreme Court […]

Supreme Court Justices Currently on Bench

The Supreme Court Justices are appointed judges of the highest court of America. Those justices currently of the bench are John Roberts – appointed 2005, John Paul Stevens – appointed 1975, Samuel A. Alito Jr. – appointed 2006,  Anthony Kennedy – appointed 1988, Clarence Thomas – appointed 1991, Ruth Bader Ginsberg – appointed 1993, Stephen […]

Facts and History of the White House

What facts and history of the White House do you know? In 1790, President George Washington declared the federal government should reside “not exceeding ten miles square…on the river Potomac.”  Then with Pierre L’Enfant, they chose the now 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue location for the White House and planned the future federal city around it. The […]

Benefits of Economic Recession

Can we possibly benefit from this economic recession? Absolutely!  Because of the recession, we are rethinking how we spend our money and time…..Why not go camping for your family vacation rather spend $1,000 on a resort? Gather your towels and cooler and head to beach for the day. Let the kids pick some movies to […]

Barack Obama and Health Care Reform

What exactly does Barack Obama’s Health Care Reform entail? The President makes it clear he wants every American to have affordable health care. But how do families living in and below the low-income to poverty-level afford health care when they currently rely government-provided free food and medical services? So, who will be foot the health care reform bills of those individuals?  President Obama […]

How Long Has Nancy Pelosi Been In Office?

Nancy Pelosi has held a political office for the past 22 years. She has represented California’s Eighth District House of Representatives since 1987. Nancy Pelosi was the House Minority Leader from 2003 to 2007. She has also been a  senior member of California’s Eighth District’s House Appropriations Committee.  On January 4, 2007, she became Speaker of the House. […]

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