What Caused the First Sino-Japanese War?

The First Sino-Japanese War was a conflict between China and Japan in the late 19th century over the future of the Korean peninsula. Between August 1894 and April 1895, China and Japan were engaged in a war over the future of the Korean peninsula in a conflict that became known as the First Sino-Japanese War. […]

What Caused the First Boer War?

The British seized the Cape of Good Hope from the Dutch in the early 1800s, sparking a conflict between colonists of both powers and native Africans. During the 1800s, the southern portion of Africa was challenged by a mix of cultural and ethnic diversity along with a number of economic interests. Following the Napoleonic Wars, […]

Estates-General of 1789 – Foundation of the French Revolution

Following economic despair, King Louis XVI calls for a meeting of French representatives. During the meeting, the National Assembly is founded and the Revolution began. Following the heavy losses of the French and Indian War, as well as France’s involvement in the American Revolution, the country found itself in a massive financial crisis. Debt, inflation, […]

Veterans Benefits for Military Service Families

Veterans benefits can be obtained for the families of disabled and active duty service members in the military. Veterans benefits are available to families of service members through a variety of organizations and the Department of Veterans Affairs. These benefits come in the form of general assistance to disabled veterans and active duty families in […]

Who is Marco Rubio?

Junior Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio is a member of the Republican Party and former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. Born in 1971 to Cuban immigrants, he grew up in Miami, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. He attended the University of Florida and earned his law degree form the University of Miami School […]

Who is Secretary of Energy Steven Chu?

As an American physicist, Dr. Steven Chu took the office of the US Secretary of Energy more qualified than nearly any previous person to hold the title. Known most prominently for his work with Bell Labs where he cooled and trapped atoms with laser light, he was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics […]

White House Releases Fact Sheets About Energy

President Obama delivered remarks about the state of American energy on February 23 in Miami, Florida. To help facilitate his statements, the White House released two fact sheets. Supporting an All-of-the-Above Approach to American Energy and Protecting Consumers at the Pump All-of-the-Above Approach to American Energy — Reducing Energy Costs for American Consumers and Businesses

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