Will U.S. Really Take A Stand Against Global Warming?

President Obama is scheduled to be in attendance for the start of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen. He has stated that he will personally commit the United States to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gases. Obama reportedly will insist that the United States is ready to take on global warming, despite resistance in Congress over […]

Does Vermont Hold the Key to Healthcare Reform?

As debate rages on between the merits of one healthcare bill vs. another, and as the Democrats and Republicans trade political barbs as to their true motivation for wanting to pass healthcare reform, perhaps the ideal compromise lies in the idyllic Green Mountains of Vermont. Vermont seems to have achieved on a state level what […]

Does Global Warming Bill Stand A Chance Without Support?

The news yesterday was that the Senate’s global warming bill is stalled in committee, about one month in advance of the Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009. The Senate bill, sponsored by Senators John Kerry of Massachusetts and Barbara Boxer of California, proposes to curtail greenhouse gas emissions by way of a cap and […]

Obama’s Healthcare Plan Will Require Courage To Pass

We all know that passing any form of meaningful healthcare reform will require compromise.  Major compromise is needed to reconcile the differences between the two Senate versions and then striking an accord with the House version of the healthcare bill. By traditional ideals, Republicans and Democrats will find some common ground and hammer out their […]

Three Strategies For Obama’s Reelection

In the re-election of 1996, Bill Clinton realized that it was “the economy, stupid” that held the secret to his success. For Barack Obama in 2012, that will still be the reelection mantra. But there are several other key reasons that will also be important in Democratic reelection success. Obama won in 2008 because he […]

Conservative Talk Radio is a Social Malignancy

Consider the divisive political climate in the U.S. today.  Even more, consider how divided our society is in general.  We pit left against right.  Special interests vs. the public good.  We can’t agree to pass healthcare reform, reduce global warming or even improve gas mileage. I believe one of the primary contributors to America’s unprecedented […]

What Causes An Economic Recession?

The typical recession is like a nasty hangover after a great party.  During the party, participants get drunk and have a good time. Or as former Fed chairman Allen Greenspan was fond of calling it, they become irrationally exuberant. But when the party is over, society pays for its thrills with a recessionary morning after. […]

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