Senator Ted Kennedy Loses Battle with Cancer

By KC Morgan Massachusetts Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy has finally succumbed to the cancer he battled for over a year. Kennedy, 77, was a member of the powerful political Kennedy family that has been a part of American politics for many decades. Reactions to Ted Kennedy’s Death “The Kennedy family and the Senate family have […]

Famous Politicians: Nancy Pelosi

By ltfiggs Most undoubtedly, over the past twenty-two years, Nancy Pelosi has become a famous politician. She has served California’s Eighth District since 1987. Nancy Pelosi was their House Minority Leader for four years and has served as the Speaker of the House since January 4, 2007. Some of her actions assisted her in becoming […]

Senator Edward “Ted” M. Kennedy–Famous Politician

By ltfiggs 1962 when he was first elected into Senate. The Kennedy family is known for its successful involvement in civil rights, community services, Special Olympics, and as advocates of families with disabled children.  Senator Kennedy is a famous politician known for the National Teacher Corps Act in 1965, the Bilingual Education Act of 1968 and […]

Flaming Lips “It’s Summer” – The Hit Song of The Stimulus Disaster

By Kristen The popular song “It’s Summer” by the Flaming Lips might be more than a hit song. This song could actually be an anthem about the unemployment dilemma across our nation. The end of the chorus is what makes it so compelling. The Flaming Lips herald – all you’ll see when you look inside […]

Democratus Interruptus – Iran’s Coming Revolution

By amarkow It was just a few weeks ago that the Iranian green revolution was lead story in every newspaper, on all the TV newscasts, and throughout the web.  But when you look at news sources today, you might think that Iran’s repressive regime had squashed the entire movement and that all was back to […]

Resistance is Futile – The Military and Global Warming

By amarkow A mighty blow will soon be struck against the enemies of peace and freedom by the forces of our own U.S. military. This fight won’t be against radical Islamists, Hugo Chavez or Communist China, because we have truly seen the enemy and it is … Global Warming. After years of denying its existence, […]

Finally, An Honest Political Wife – Jenny Sanford

By amarkow Dignity has been returned to politics, and it has arrived from the heart of cordiality – the South.  Jenny Sanford has walked out on her philandering husband, Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina.  Mrs. Sanford’s departure from the governor’s mansion in Columbia, SC, was a very public moment viewable in video clipss on […]

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