Healthcare Reform – How America is Attempting to Change Medicine

The United States is one of the few countries in the world without some form of universal healthcare for its population. Due to the fact that the nation has a free market system, medical treatment has primarily been supplied by a series of insurance companies working with physicians and medical establishments. This resulted in the […]

Pentagon Charged with Brainwashing Senators and Admiral

According to a Rolling Stone article published Wednesday, Texas National Guard Lt. Colonel Michael Holmes alleged that his unit tool part in psychological activities to influence lawmakers visiting the state to support additional troops and funding for the war in Afghanistan. In response, Gen. David Petraeus, top commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan has ordered […]

If You Don’t Support Health Care Reform, You Want Me to Die

If you don’t support health care reform, you want me to die. First off, I just want to remind everyone that the “HEALTH CARE BILL”  will be the “HEALTH CARE LAW” within about 48 hours. It’s over. Done. Deal with it, you selfish bastards who don’t support it. Now, the reason I point out that […]

Are You Watching the Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC?

by catena MSNBC has finally given viewers an answer to the right wing rhetoric provided by conservative commentators, like Glenn Beck, on the Fox News Channel. The Ed Show has host Ed Schultz challenging conservatives on their scare tactics, misinformation, and overall opposition to any liberal government policies and legislation. This show offers the push […]

How Do I Get an AmeriCorps Scholarship?

By catena AmeriCorps is a national public service organization that helps communities across the country. It is like a national version of the Peace Corps. It has three programs to choose from, one of which is only for people ages 18-24. Part of the benefits of working with AmeriCorps is that they have an education […]

Blago Memoir: A Shakespearean Epic?

By KC Morgan In what is truly one of the strangest memoirs ever penned by the hand of man, disgraced former Governor Rod Blagojevich compares his life to the likes of “Othello,” “King Lear” and “Julius Caesar.” However, Blago’s “The Governor” is unlike anything Shakespeare, the Sweet Swan of Avon, ever wrote. “When the story […]

Can Anyone Replace Ted Kennedy?

By KC Morgan For four decades, Massachusetts knew who would be representing them in the senior Senate seat for the state. Now that Ted Kennedy has passed away, he’s left a vacancy that has never been filled by another since 1962. Typical in-house arguing about the issue itself could delay the matter of finding a […]

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