In 2006, Rielle Hunter and John Edwards first met when Rielle gave John the idea of a series of short informal campaign videos after she met him at a bar in New York, where he was attending a business meeting. The Edwards campaign soon hired her to produce a series of promotional videos portraying behind-the-scenes life on the campaign trail.

In October 2007, The National Enquirer, published claims by an anonymous source that Edwards was in an extramarital affair with Hunter during the 2008 presidential campaign and that Hunter was pregnant. Around December 19, 2007, Hunter announced that she was, in fact, pregnant.

She claimed the child was Andrew Young’s, a man who was the former staffer for John Edwards’ presidential campaign. Her daughter was born on February 27, 2008, in Santa Barbara, California, but did not have a father on the birth certificate. She put her name on, but as Rielle Jaya James Druck, and gave the child the surname Hunter.

In July 2008, The National Enquirer claimed that Edwards was the father of Hunter’s child. On August 8, Edwards admitted that he had an affair with Rielle, but denied that he was the father of Hunter’s child. The Washington Post reported that Robert Gordon (Hunter’s attorney) stated that she had refused to allow a DNA test to establish paternity.

In January, 2010, Edwards admitted publicly that he is the father of Hunter’s daughter. Earlier this year Rielle released a book called, “What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me,”. The same day the book was released, Hunter stated that her relationship with Edwards had officially broken up.

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