Was there actually any relationship between these two people? Was there not? It really hasn’t been proven if it has. People who were more involved in the lives of these two cant even answer this question. However, on a general basis it is believed it did happen.

Part of the reason it is believed that it did happen, is probably because of Marilyn singing happy birthday over national television to JFK. This is one her most famous appearances, and was even recorded, so we can watch it even to this very day.

There is only one photo currently in existence of these two together. In the photo Monroe, wearing the same dress she performed in, is speaking to President Kennedy, whose head is tilted slightly and looking down while listening to her. His brother, Robert Kennedy, is standing next to the pair looking on.

This is the only photo in existence because, as stated by the owner of the photo, “The Secret Service had specific instructions not to photograph President Kennedy and Marilyn together because it would have been a national scandal,”. This photo was hidden from The Secret Service and taken out of the White House.

They after a dinner party, JFK asked Marilyn for her phone number. Before she left, JFK asked for her phone number. Of course, she gave it to him. He called her the very next day to say that he was going to be in Palm Springs on March 24. He also told her that his wife, Jackie, won’t be there.

Palm Springs was apparently their only affair that they had, but they kept a small relationship going for a bit longer it seems. After Marilyn was sure the relationship was over, she went to drugs and alcohol, just like her other relationships. She died the same year this happened while under the influence of these.

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