Senator Marco Rubio has given us quite a bit of information about his family over these last three years. During the 2009 U.S. Senate campaign he showed the world that he was proud of the way that his parents raised him and his siblings.

However, Univision Investiga found out that Rubio’s older sister, Barbara, was part of one of the largest anti-narcotics operations in South Florida for that year.

According to Florida’s public records, federal prosecutors in Miami took the home where Barbara Rubio lived with her husband Orlando Cicilia. Prosecutors suspected that the house was violating state drug laws. Another building that the couple had owned, which is now an office building, was taken by the prosecutors for the same reason.

Barbara Rubio was NOT arrested or indicted. Cicilia was sentenced to be in prison for 25 years for conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana, belonging to a crime ring which was dedicated to the death and dismemberment of a federal informant, as well bribing several of the local police officers to remain out of trouble.

At the time Marco Rubio was only 16 years old, and was, at the time, a student at South Miami High. Univision asked the Senator how this affected his family and what he thought of his convicted brother-in-law. Rubio’s spokesperson did not deny or confirm any information, said he considered it to be a private family matter.

Simply put, we have a senator who is an admitted cocaine user in the White House, who would have not had been accepted if he had been running as a Representative. I don’t know what to say about his history, as it has nothing to do with his political career. The decision is for the population to make, rather than me however.



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