Tarryl Clark is back in the ring this election for the 8th district’s seat at Congress, in an attempt to be the Democrat to make Chip Cravaack a one term representative.   Not an unfamiliar face in Minnesota politics, Clark served five years in the State Senate and most recently went head to head with Republican incumbent  Michelle Bachmann in 2010, for the 6th district.   Last June, Clark made the announcement that she will once again be running for congress.

In light of Cravaack’s slim margin win over Oberstar back in 2010, Democrats are primed for a good fight, Cravaack being the first Republican to have that district seat in over 60 years.

The number one thing in Clark’s favor for this run is the feminine vote.  Issues on the forefront of today’s politics regarding women’s health and reproductive rights are on everyone’s mind, especially women voters.   Active against the Tea Party’s “War on Women” and the only female challenger, her campaign contributions have long blown past the other democrats pining for the nod.

Whether Clark is successful in securing the DFL nomination or not, she has controversially declined to abide by the endorsement, potentially forcing the party into a primary vote.   This to me that with the female vote behind her, she believes in the people’s ability to see she will be in the perfect position to unseat Cravaack, a Tea Party congressman with a voting record inconsistent with his election platform, especially since he’s in a historically liberal voting district.

Tarryl Clark for Congress

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