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Information for young adults on where to have help when you have had sex that is unprotected.

Making love without security is high-risk. You are risking maternity, getting a intimately transmitted infection (sti), including HIV, and possibly stress.

Unsafe sex is any intercourse without contraception or perhaps a condom.

You might have forgotten to make use of contraception, or may possibly not been employed by. Sometimes a condom may split or slip off during intercourse.

This nevertheless matters as unsafe sex, and also you’re vulnerable to STIs and maternity.

Always hold on tight towards the foot of the condom once the penis is taken down. This can stop the condom slipping down and dripping sperm.

Ladies who have intercourse with females must also find out about safer sex since they can pass infections on to one another.

Unprotected sex and infections

There are numerous STIs, and you also just have actually to possess intercourse with somebody as soon as, or have dental intercourse as soon as, to catch a number of STIs.

You cannot inform by evaluating some body whether or perhaps not an STI is had by them.

The easiest way in order to avoid getting an STI is by using a condom each time you have sexual intercourse.

Constantly purchase condoms which have the CE mark or BSI kite mark from the packet because what this means is they’ve been tested to safety that is high.

Finding a check-up

Aim for a check-up when you have had unprotected sex along with any unusual symptoms around your genitals (vagina or penis), such as for instance:

  • discomfort whenever you pee
  • itching
  • an unusual or discharge that is smelly
  • sores
  • unexplained bleeding

Some individuals do not notice any observeable symptoms whenever an STI is had by them. That you get tested, even if you don’t have any symptoms if you think you might be at risk, it’s important.

Visit your nearest health that is sexual genitourinary medication (GUM) clinic, or visit your GP.

Find intimate health solutions in your area, including intimate health insurance and GUM clinics.

Pregnancy after unsafe sex

If a guy and girl have unprotected sex, the girl could possibly get expecting.

No matter what place she’s intercourse in, what time regarding the it is, or whether it’s her first time month.

Often there is a danger of undesired maternity, but contraception that is using a condom can help drive back it.

If you believe you’re expecting after having sex that is unprotected

Frequently, the initial indication of maternity is really a period that is missed. The way that is only learn for certain would be to execute a maternity test.

You can get a test at or get one 100% free at:

  • a contraceptive or intimate wellness hospital
  • a new individuals’ hospital (phone the nationwide intimate wellness helpline on 0300 123 7123 for details)
  • some GP surgeries or pharmacies

You’ll find additional information about going for a maternity ensure that you what are the results if it is good in may i be expecting?

If you should be pregnant, communicate with a physician or nursing sincesistant at the earliest opportunity in order to discuss your alternatives and any hard concerns you might have. They are able to assist the decision is made by you that is right for you personally.

Emergency contraception

Crisis contraception can really help avoid maternity once you’ve had sex that is unprotected.

Crisis contraception works better the earlier it really is taken.

You will find 2 forms of crisis contraception:

  • the crisis contraceptive product (often called the “morning-after” tablet)
  • the intrauterine unit, or IUD (often called a coil)

You can find 2 types of crisis contraceptive capsule:

  • Levonelle needs to be used within 72 hours (3 times) of intercourse
  • ellaOne needs to be used within 120 hours (5 times) of intercourse

The IUD may be placed into the womb as much as 5 times after unsafe sex.

You could get the crisis contraceptive capsule in addition to IUD clear of:

  • a GP surgery providing you with contraception
  • A clinic that is contraceptive
  • a sexual wellness center
  • some young adults’s clinics (call the national health that is sexual on 0300 123 7123 for details)

You may also obtain the emergency contraceptive capsule clear of:

  • some pharmacies
  • some NHS walk-in centers adult friend finder and injuries units that are minor
  • some emergency and accident(A&E) divisions

The emergency can be bought by you capsule from most pharmacies and some organisations, such as for example bpas or Marie Stopes.

The fee differs, but it is frequently around Ј26 for Levonelle and Ј35 for ellaOne.

If you are staying away from a normal way of contraception, find one which suits you (and where you’ll get it) to help you begin using it as quickly as possible.

You could get advice and help on contraception from:

  • a residential area contraceptive center
  • a GP surgery that provides contraception
  • a intimate wellness hospital
  • young adults’s solutions (call the national health that is sexual on 0300 123 7123 for details)
  • some GUM clinics
  • FPA – provides all about specific types of contraception, typical STIs, maternity alternatives, abortion and arranging a maternity
  • Brook – the sexual health charity for under-25s

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