Erik Paulsen has represented Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district since his election in 2008. Coming to power amid a field of Democratic candidates, Paulsen attempts to bring a “hard-working, reform-minded” platform to the US House of Representatives.

Serving on the House Financial Services Committee and co-chairing the House Medical Technology Caucus, he has become a major player in Washington politics, particularly those involving the financial and medical sectors.

In his reelection bid, Paulsen is focusing on making health care more affordable, while not supporting Obamacare. He also is dedicated to issues faced by veterans as well as unemployment and the growth of American-based jobs.

Before being elected, Paulsen was a business analyst for Target Corporation and served as Majority Leader in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 2003 to 2007.

He faces stiff competition from his DFL challenger, Brian Barnes.

Paulsen for Congress

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