Brian Barnes is running for the US House of Representatives in Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional district against Erik Paulsen. Focusing on what he believes is Paulsen’s dedication to Washington special interests, Barnes states he will deliver on his message to put the state and country first.

The candidate’s background is one of duty. As a teenager, Barnes was an Eagle Scout, a position which led him to become a midshipman for the US Merchant Marines and a lieutenant commander in the Navy Reserve.

His campaign is centered around a series of core values, which he promises to act on when he gets to Congress:

  • Balancing the budget responsibly.
  • Restoring equal rights for all Americans.
  • Focusing on service rather than reelection.

While his election against the long-seated Erik Paulsen will be a challenge, Brian Barnes believes he can unseat the representative and bring a new face to Washington.

Barnes for US Congress

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