By Swany

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The United States of America has been a “Super Power” for some time now. However, in the last decade or so I believe that power has dwindled, and the rest of the world knows it.

What is to blame? Well, United States citizens are becoming more and more politically correct which in turn is creating a nation of cowards and pussies. I can still remember a time when their were television shows that didn’t begin with a “Viewer discretion advised” and an album didn’t have a parental advisory sticker on it. What is this world coming to? Sure times have changed, but not that much.

Somehow with all these new morals America is still turning into an extremely unmoral place. Not a day goes by when I don’t hear a news story about a child molester or murderer or rapist. It sickens me to think about it. Has it always been like this and people are just coming forward more these days or is our culture going down to the dumps?

Reality TV isn’t helping either. Shows like “Rock of Love” on VH1 are telling the people watching it that it’s OK to be a dumb bimbo slut. Even the shows that are supposed to help people become better people like “Charm School” just convey the same message. How about all these gangsta shows. Showing kids how to “pimp” and “hustle?” It’s just not right. Let’s get some quality television on. There were good shows that were entertaining before, why not now? Some shows are helping a bit. Like “Celebrity Rehab” showing the down side of that culture.

It’s no wonder the rest of the world hates us and thinks we’re weak. I say no more. Let’s “hit the gym” and get some strength back. We need to grow a pair and not care if people will find it offensive. It’s time to look out for us.

How do we turn this around? I believe we should have manners, morals, and ethics taught in school at a very young age and continued through high school. Not goes as far as teaching religion, but not to far off from it’s lessons. On top of that teach kids that just because someones says something racist or offensive doesn’t mean you have to cry about it. I’ve been called many names in my life and I just shrug it off. The world would be a much safer and happy place if people could just let things go. Brush it off as nothing. Just because they think that way about you doesn’t make it true.

Another thing is this constant catering to the outside world. Last I checked this was America and the language was English, not Spanish. I wouldn’t expect Spain to start teaching everybody English just because Americans moved there. It should be the same here. If you want to live in America, live the dream, then learn our language and cultures. I don’t care what your culture is. It’s like being a guest in someones house. You don’t walk around naked (at least you shouldn’t) and put your feet up. You respect their home. It’s the same with our country. Don’t even get me started on the illegals and the people that want them to have equal rights. It’s the same as breaking and entering in my book. It should be punished and not tolerated.

So, I am pleading with you. Let’s get America back on track.

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