By KC Morgan


Legalizing marijuana in the United States has been an extremely contentious issue for a number of years. Many different countries now have laws governing the use and sale of marijuana, and the state of California currently allows the growing and smoking of medicinal marijuana. Could the rest of the country be that far behind? Are there benefits to legalizing marijuana?

Why Legalize Marijuana?

Some might argue that the people who want to legalize marijuana are potheads, burnouts, extremely left-wing Democrats. But Time magazine’s “Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense” helps to banish this belief. From one point of view, the idea of making this drug legal in the United States could be a good business decision for the country.

The US pours out billions – hundreds of billions – of dollars on corrections facilities, policing and court costs for drug-related incarcerations. In California, marijuana has now become the largest cash crop, bringing in almost $14 billion a year for the state. Imagine how much more revenue a marijuana tax might bring.

From a business perspective, there’s a lot of potential in pot. With the country in economic crisis, suddenly the idea of legalizing marijuana is more attractive all the time.

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