By Kristen

The popular song “It’s Summer” by the Flaming Lips might be more than a hit song. This song could actually be an anthem about the unemployment dilemma across our nation. The end of the chorus is what makes it so compelling. The Flaming Lips herald – all you’ll see when you look inside – all you’ll see is a self-reflected inner sadness.

The beginning of August 2009 marks the sixth month anniversary of the House of Representatives vote to pass an $819 billion stimulus plan by a vote of 244 to188. The measure passed without a single Republican vote in favor.

Six months later some economists are harmonizing “when we look inside- all we see is a self-reflected inner sadness.” Concerns are rising about whether the escalation of government debt will lead to higher interest rates. While interest rates are not running away yet, it is fair to consider that the effects of the package could have a negative effect on the economy due to the hulking debt load taxpayers get to pay off at some future date.

An inner sadness is what each state is feeling while waiting for stimulus payments that seem to be slow to arrive. In early May, some states and cities began to complain that the money had yet to reach them. Washington is claiming some states have been slow to get their paperwork in.  Other complaints are being received from cities who claim the Feds shortchanged their transportation funds. A deeper look might reveal that the states themselves have rerouted that money to more rural areas.

Administration officials had predicted that the stimulus program would save or create 600,000 jobs by summer.  But here it is August, and the nation has lost more than two million jobs since Obama took office.  What should we be singing now?  Congress is humming something like La, La, La let’s wait-and-see.

Taxpayers better brace themselves. A new catchy tune from house Democrats sings Hey Hey Hey the stimulus package just wasn’t enough money. They actually have a point. The $789 billion, recovery measure, signed by President Obama seems to be a trifle compared with the $2.5 trillion rescue plan for the financial system.  Since the new administration took office and even before, plans have been made for an open check book in Washington. A looming political battle is about to respond at the sixth month mark. We hope they come up with something better then the same old tune of tax and spend.

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