By Berserker50

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We have been told over and over through the media that the country is going down the toilet toward a swirly doom that can only be avoided with the assistance of the government. Could the possibility exist that perhaps things are not as dire as we have been told? Do we need the government to pull our collective asses out of the fire?

How many of us have been personally effected by the economy? Not our friends or people that we have heard about, how many have been personally effected? Ask people around you and you may be surprised by what you hear. There have been jobs lost and those people can answer yes to the question, but these people are in the vast minority. Unemployment is on the rise but it is in no way common. It is also true that the markets are down, but this too only seriously effects a minority of the population. People who were planning on retiring soon may have to wait to recover the funds they have lost. But what about the rest of us? Are more of us starving out in the streets? Are we standing in bread lines waiting for food to feed our families? Have we had to fight off mobs of downtrodden people looking to take for their own?

Times are tougher now for some, but not all. The problem is that recessions can become self-fulfilling prophecies if enough people believe. People start to prepare for the hard times and they hold their money. This is one of the ways to start a recession, by not spending your money. What is causing people to spend less? If it is nothing but the “promise” of hard times, people should look again at how they have been effected by all of this.

If the majority of us answered yes to the first question we must now ask the question of what to do next. Is the government our only way out of this? The stimulus President Obama has proposed would “supposedly” create millions of jobs to stave off the recession. Say that the government does create millions of jobs, where is the money going to come from to pay these salaries? From taxes, where all government comes from. So to pull us out of a recession we need to pay more taxes? That doesn’t make much sense, does it? To get out of this recession we would need the middle-class to begin spending more, and I don’t see how this plan would accomplish that. Government in itself does not create money (it does actually “create” money, but that is a story for another time), it only “takes” money in taxes and distributes it however they deem fit. This will not change an economy. Not only will we be paying for these newly created jobs salaries, but we will also be paying for the creation of these new jobs. That is a lot of spending for NO new money to be made. What if instead we began to spend that money as we used to? What would that do to the economy?

One can not make money from government. It is like a black hole, anything that goes in will stay in, forever lost to the cosmos. The stimulus will effectively “suck” more money away from taxpayers by creating these jobs. You must ask yourself; would you rather pay for someone else to have a job or for a good or service which allows someone to have a job. Private jobs or government jobs, the choice is ours. We best make the right decision.

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