by catena

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MSNBC has finally given viewers an answer to the right wing rhetoric provided by conservative commentators, like Glenn Beck, on the Fox News Channel. The Ed Show has host Ed Schultz challenging conservatives on their scare tactics, misinformation, and overall opposition to any liberal government policies and legislation.

This show offers the push back I believe is needed to create a more balanced debate on television. For too long, conservatives have controlled the public debate through talk radio and now with television. This show reclaims some of that control and he does it without scare tactics, hate mongering, or information distraction. In fact he backs up his opinions with fact. Just this week he had the outspoken junior congressman form Florida, Alan Grayson (D) on his show and talked about the attacks by the GOP on his character after he spoke out against their healthcare plans. The GOP is saying that Grayson is unstable but Ed Schultz did the research and looked into the congressman’s background and stated there was nothing to suggest unstable behavior.

If you’re interested in some liberal viewpoints on the issues, I recommend you check out The Ed Show on MSNBC.

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