According to recent poll information in Virginia, 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul is running neck-and-neck against President Barack Obama in a potential general election.

Republican and Democratic voters throughout Virginia were asked which candidate they preferred and Paul came in a striking 43 percent, identical to the President. When it came to Independent voters, however, Paul bested Obama by 12 points: 47 to 35 percent.

“For Republicans to have a serious chance of defeating Obama come November, they should have the organization, fundraising, and stamina required for a protracted 50-state campaign.  Ron Paul has that, and he also has broad appeal.  Proof of that is in Virginia, where Ron Paul is only one of two choices in the primary and where Republicans, Independents, and conservative Southern Democrats will play a big role in selecting who our next President will be,” said John Tate, Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Manager.

The election in the Virginia Commonwealth is scheduled for March 6, part of the Super Tuesday event. Due to a failure to comply with ballot-access requirements, only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will be on the ballot.

The poll was conducted by Christopher Newport University between February 4-13, 2012. The study’s margin of error is +/-3.1 percent.

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