According to the American Mustache Institute (AMI), the organization is planning a march on Washington affectionately called the “Million Mustache March” for April 1. The AMI is pushing for the adoption of a “Stimulus To Allow Critical Hair Expenses” also known as the STACHE Act. If passed, this legislation provides an annual $250 tax deduction for those expenditures of mustache and facial hair growth.

The argument made by the AMI is that those with mustaches make 4.3 percent more income per year than those without. The STACHE Act is designed to incentives the growth of mustaches and will allegedly create a more stable economy.

Dr. John Yeutter, a tax policy professor at Northeastern State University, wrote in a 2010 white paper supporting the legislation,”Given the clear link between the growing and maintenance of mustaches and incremental income, it appears clear that mustache maintenance costs qualify for and should be considered as a deductible expense related to the production of income under Internal Revenue Code Section 212.”

The STACHE Act includes a variety of proposals covering expenses related to mustache growth and maintenance:

  • Mustache and beard trimming instruments
  • Weightless conditioning agents and wax
  • Facial hair coloring products (for men and women over 43 years of age)
  • Bacon
  • Mustache combs and mirrors
  • Burt Reynolds wallet-sized photos

The AMI has secured support from H&R Block to provide free water for those in attendance for the march.

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