Hillary Clinton has had many appearances over the years, from first lady of Arkansas to senator to secretary of state. While we don’t generally judge men by the same standards, a female politician often faces scrutiny over her appearance.

File:Reagans with the Clintons.jpg

Hillary with Bill and the Reagans in the White House for a 1987 dinner honoring the Governors of the United States.

File:Hillary Clinton 1992.jpg

Hillary Clinton’s official photo during the 1992 campaign of her husband.

File:Bill Clinton taking the oath of office, 1993.jpg

Hillary with husband Bill during his swearing-in in 1993.


Arriving at the White House aboard Marine One in 1993.


Hillary reading to school children during her first term as First Lady.

File:Clinton family.jpg

Clinton Family Christmas card.

File:Hillary Clinton Bill Chelsea on parade.jpg

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea walk through the streets of Washington during the President’s 2nd Inauguration in 1997.


Being sworn in as Senator by Vice President Al Gore.

File:Hillary Rodham Clinton.jpg

Senator Hillary Clinton’s official photo.

File:Sen. Hillary Clinton 2007 denoise.jpg

Clinton at a union Q & A in 2007.

File:Hillary Clinton at the Senate Armed Services Committee.jpg

Senator Clinton at a hearing confirming Naval Chief of Operations Mike Mullen as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

File:03 31 08 rudd.jpg

With Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2008.

File:Hillary Clinton Feb 3 2008.jpg

On the campaign trail for the presidential nomination in 2008.


Stumping for former rival Barack Obama during 2008 presidential campaign.

File:Hillary Rodham Clinton DNC 2008.jpg

Speaking at the Democratic National Convention in August 2008.

File:2009 0121 clinton 290 1.jpg

Being sworn in as Secretary of State with husband Bill Clinton.

File:President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Prime Minister Brown at the 2009 NATO summit.jpg

Clinton and Obama talk at a NATO summit in 2009.

File:2009 05 18 netanyahu clinton.jpg

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

File:Msc2011 dett-clinton 0298.jpg

Secretary Clinton at summit in Germany in 2011.

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