Mitt Romney’s campaign released a statement  on February 20 regarding rival Rick Santorum’s voting record while in Washington. The campaign stated that “he cast votes that defy explanation.” Pointing to his record of questionable conservative stances, the Romney camp hopes to unseat the Senator’s recent rise in polls and states.

Santorum’s record according to Romney:

Senator Santorum Voted To Raise The Debt Ceiling Five Times. “Santorum acknowledged voting to raise the federal debt ceiling at least five times while in Congress.” (Charles Babington, “Gingrich Defends His Attacks,” The Associated Press, 1/15/12)

Senator Santorum Voted For Billions In Wasteful Earmarks. “Santorum was a prolific supporter of earmarks, having requested billions of dollars for pork projects in Pennsylvania while he was in Congress.” (“2012 Presidential White Paper #4: Former Senator Rick Santorum,” Club For Growth, 6/6/11)

Senator Santorum Voted To Require Every State To Allow Convicted Felons To Vote In Federal Elections Upon Completing Their Sentences. “Statement of Purpose: To secure the Federal voting rights of certain qualified persons who have served their sentences.” (S. Amdt. 2879 to S. 565, Vote #31: Amendment Rejected 31-63: R 3-40; D 27-23; I 1-0, 2/14/02; Santorum Voted Yea)

Senator Santorum Voted Against Creating The E-Verify System, Which Helps Employers Maintain A Legal Workforce. “To strike provisions providing for the implementation of a national identification system and those provisions requiring State driver’s licenses and birth certificates to conform to new Federal regulations and standards.” (S.Amdt. 3752 to S.Amdt. 3743 to S. 1664, Vote #101: Motion to Table Agreed To 54-46, 5/1/96; Santorum Voted Nay)

Senator Santorum Voted To Confirm Future Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor To The Second Circuit Court Of Appeals. “Sonia Sotomayor, of New York, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit.” (PN 402, Vote #295: Nomination Confirmed 67-29: R 25-29; D 42-0, 10/2/98; Santorum Voted Yea)

Senator Santorum Voted To Confirm Liberal Clinton Nominee Marsha Berzon To The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals. “Marsha L. Berzon, of California, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit.” (PN 33, Vote #38: Nomination Confirmed 64-34: R 19-34; D 45-0, 3/9/00; Santorum Voted Yea)

Senator Santorum Voted Three Times To Raise His Own Pay. “Santorum also supported raising Congressional pay at least three times, in 2001, 2002, and 2003.” (“2012 Presidential White Paper #4: Former Senator Rick Santorum,” Club For Growth, 6/6/11)

Congressman Santorum Stood With Big Labor And Voted To Prevent Employers From Being Able To Hire Permanent Replacements For Striking Workers. Santorum, along with a small minority of Republicans in the House of Representatives, voted for the Cesar Chavez Workplace Fairness Act, which would have prohibited employers from hiring permanent replacements when employees go on strike. (H.R. 5, Vote #224: Passed 239-190: R 17-157; D 221-33; I 1-0, 6/15/93; Santorum Voted Yea)

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