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We, the Parced and Weary Citizens of this great Republic, Demand the Seven Acts of Reform as stipulated below.

As our names are affixed and affiliated to the policies and mandates of the most powerful country in the world we, the “Parced and Weary” citizens of this aforesaid Republic, Understand our unique place on this planet. At this time we feel it is our responsibility to let you know that we have noticed disturbing facts though at times it must seem to you we are a moribund group.

We Understand that our elections are won over by the highest bidder 90% of the time.

We Understand, as you blithely reap the rewards, that lobbyism has bastardized our democracy to over emphasize small group, corporate, and political interests that are self-serving to the benefit of the few to the detriment of the many.

We Understand that our representatives trade votes and attach pork to bills, making a farce out of our bill making process.

We Understand that over-site has become a watered down delaying action with little or no progress being made on reforms in the corporate or political arenas.

We Understand that it is almost impossible to teach our children fudicial responsibility when we cannot follow a simple balanced budget in our own government.

We Understand that we are the largest polluter on this earth and that it is killing us, our children, and the future of our survival on this planet.

We understand that you are involving us in hegemonic wars against enemies real and imagined, for reasons we do not understand. As a peace loving nation we are Appalled at a foreign policy that seems to promote peace as a last resort.

We Understand that Global Warming is a Real problem and are aghast that our respected scientists are ridiculed and that fringe-science is instead promoted to further political aspirations and corporate greed.

We Understand, we who work long hours, we who are bone crushingly taxed, we who pay too much for medical care, we who pay too much for a public dysfunctional education system and too much for a newly required college education, we who fight and are maimed and Die in Your wars, that we generally work as pack mulas to your elite self serving political and corporate malfeasance.

We expect our representatives to be cognizant of these facts, as we sunder to you Our confidence and responsibility in matters that are of the utmost importance, not just to ourselves, but also to the greater world at large. We expect better of you and in your ability to represent us. We are embarrassed of, and thusly also implicated in, your obsequiousness when you manipulate us to your own ends, and at the same time doom ourselves to violations of our sense of right and wrong, and what American values really stand for.

As Americans we demand that you return us to the America of our forefathers. Americans are a proud and giving people, as it’s citizens we want others to share in the good fortune and prosperity that our way of life has to offer, this is not to say that we demand that all other peoples of this planet agree with us. Your failure to represent us with honor and dignity according to our will, shall be ignored at your own peril. And so we require that the following Acts are not parced betwixt you, but are acted upon immediately during the next session of Congress.

Hence we now decree the following Seven of Acts of Reform to be enacted in a timely and efficient manner during the next session of Congress.

First Act of Reform: The Electoral Reform Act: as our electoral process has become dominated by fudicial expediencies, we therefore demand the right to pay for these aforesaid elections, and define the rules thereof, these include the following:

1.) All prospective representatives of the people on a federal, state and local level, will be required to garner a specified number of citizens’ signatures i.e., support for their candidacy on their own, before they will qualify to be funded by the citizenry.

2.) We heretofore ban all funding either privately, through corporations, or affiliations that might Seem to be funded for specified goodwill or consideration for policies that might be construed to benefit a segment of society that is not designated as a plurality.

3.) Debates are a clearly defined medium for our ability to ascertain a candidate’s qualifications on a subjective and objective level, as the candidates are displaying their acumen on specific matters of dire concern to the public at large. Consequently we declare that We shall define the rules of the debates so as to facilitate a vigorous and lively debate and shall no longer allow debating rules to be negotiated between the candidates themselves but rather by the appropriate federal, state and local level constituencies.

4.) Since past partisans have a propensity to parse statements and to propound views that are skewed to favor partisanship and are subsequently unable to be proved, and further are declarative of a fact or of a political slander that later proves to be patently false, untrue, or biased in lieu of truth to the best of that candidate’s or their representative’s knowledge, that candidates shall immediately be put under censure and investigation, with the penalty being the forfeiture of the above said candidates eligibility. We require our representatives to tell us the truth or to say nothing.

Second Act of Reform: The Lobbyism Ban and Reform Act: Since our system of Lobbyism has been perverted into a moneyed and elitist systemic abuse of our government we have found lobbyism no longer serves the public good. As a result the people are tired of being cuckolded and thereby demand an immediate cessation of all lobbyist activities. All requests for preferential treatment should be directed toward the duly elected representative on an individual basis, no money will be tolerated to exchange hands. Since lobbying intrinsically requests undue representation biased by donations and fund-raising activities, our own representatives have become parced by their participation therein and in turn violate their sacred agreement with the public. As a result of the long overdue ban we feel our representatives will be able to better spend their time studying the issues and creating bills that truly do the public good.

Third Act of Reform: The Bill Reformation Act: We find that the bills created by our representatives are not voted on upon by their merits alone but rather are traded for support of other bills, at the same time addendum, or so termed “pork,” are added to bills to secure enough votes for passage. We are appalled at the ridiculousness of this system as it holistically denies any real assessment of a specified bill but rather is dependent upon what localized pet project can be tacked on to secure a vote, as this Certainly guarantees that bills are not passed on merit alone but are approved by a series of back door deals that demean both our politicians and the people’s benefit.

As a result we demand that any representative who trades his vote on any bill will be in violation of federal law. Further we demand a Ban on all “pork” addendums to any bills whatsoever, with the hope that all bills will be debated and voted on by their merits Only. We further believe that it will lend itself to benefit the honor of both our representatives and in turn to our own honor.

Fourth Act of Reform: The Corporate Reform Act: Historically Corporations approved by the state were required to benefit the state that they are based in. We have found them to rather be to our detriment. Corporations are woeful abusers of the governmental and judicial systems for their sole and narrow-minded benefit regardless of the damage to the public good. Because of their ability to be both persona and persona non grata we have decided to reinstitute the requirement federally, in that the term and benefits of the so termed “Corporation” be Again required to be proven to be a benefice to the state they are located in. Further, we demand that Corporations no longer be able to operate under any less liability than a citizen of the Republic. We understand that self-policing by Corporations and Accounting firms are non practicable, consequently we also demand that the SEC be funded to 10 times its current size and that it be federally funded appropriately every year. Secondly, that a new division staffed with the appropriate personnel be implemented to make and enforce Accounting practices. We believe that this will lend itself to the public good and further bring humanism back to the business world that many of us work in, again facilitating to the honor and sorely needed humanism of both.

Fifth Act of Reform: The Balanced Budget Reform Act: Since we the people have a fudicial and fundamental responsibility to our parents, children, and future generations to come, we demand that the Federal Budget be Balanced every year. In addition any specific department, that cannot comply with this reasonable demand or justify itself with a full accounting of its past yearly budget, be audited by the SEC’s Accounting division with all responsible persons being held personally responsible. We will no longer tolerate “Black Budgets” or unaccountable spending of the public funds. And yes, this includes the Defense Budget, the CIA’s, and NSA’s budget, none to be excluded or condescendingly unexplained.

Sixth Act of Reform: EPA Empowerment and Power Manhattan Project Act: As we are the most advanced nation and also its largest user of energy, as well as its largest creator of pollution, we feel a grave responsibility and understand that it is incumbent upon us to lead the world in the rectification of this matter. As its no longer deniable that Global Warming is currently taking place we have embarrassingly been the recognized poster child for self-denial and parsed science to facilitate short-termed economic gains.

Sadly we are also the largest user of oil, and our politicians and political parties, being funded in large part by funded corporate interests, will not or cannot resolve to come to any long term logical action. In addition, to any casual observer it has become obvious that we have depleted our oceans, forests, and other natural resources at criminally destructive rates with little or no thought for our prodigious progeny. As a result we demand the following Acts be implemented during the next session of Congress.

1.) Full funding reenactment program for the EPA. The EPA will be run by scientists and they will be funded and listened to when it comes to making a plan for nursing our atmosphere back to health. The program will be the definitive for ascertaining our LONG-TERM goals, mainstream scientists will decide in forum the best way to turn back the clock and exactly how it will be implemented. The State Department will work in concert with the EPA to help determine foreign policy goals to help facilitate these goals globally.

2.) The EPA Global Warming ACT. In addition to their regular duties the new EPA will be responsible for setting a national and global strategy to combat and reverse Global Warming before its destructive power manifests itself further.

3.) The EPA Natural Resources Act. The EPA will set the same goals for the Nations and Worlds Natural resources. As in the other EPA actions, the State Department will assist in all matters pertaining to foreign policy with our family of nations on this planet.

4.) The New Global “Power for All” Act. This act shall garner the funds to create a once and for all Power Manhattan Project for all the world to participate in. This Act shall create a new Department for the discovery of how to harness the power of the Sun, the only obvious solution to our long-term clean energy problem. As America will lead this project ALL countries will be invited to join, invest, participate, and share in the fruits of its labor regardless of their political affiliations, and current governmental policies. As America led the way into the industrial and computer ages, we will now usher in the age of unlimited power to the world and at the same time recover America’s inherent goodwill for all mankind to see and for Americans to be proud of. We are the world’s problem solvers and arbitrators for peace, not its occupiers and tyrants that many now make us out to be, this is the first step to our own salvation and will be more gratifying than our first steps on the moon, we will again expound to our children how we are the greatest nation on earth, not because we can conquer it, but because a free way of life and free thought can accomplish more than what all of histories tyrannies have accomplished together through fear and intimidation.

Seventh, as we the “Parced and Weary” Citizens of this great nation want again to have faith in our honored public servants unfortunately it has become woefully obvious that at times even our great statesmen need to be chided and reminded of whom they serve. We are wont to be parced by special interests and at times saddened by your obvious attempts to manipulate us. Therefore, as our last of Seven Acts, we demand the right to submit a Federal referendum and request that you pass the Nation Referendum Act, so that, when deemed necessary by your parced and weary citizens of this great Republic, we may right the obvious wrongs of our busy representatives and make sure we do not stray from the spirit of our government our forefathers left unto us responsibility for.

I hereby certify that I am a citizen of these United States of America and fully support the concept of a Federal Referendum for the Seven Acts of reform to be implemented during the next session of Congress.






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