According to a press release from the Ron Paul campaign, Missouri State Representative Paul Curtman of the state’s 105th Legislative District representing Flanklin, Jefferson and St. Louis counties endorsed Paul for president on February 18.

Rep. Curtman issued the following statement:

“Missouri is a prolife state, and if we handle the abortion issue at the state level like Ron Paul says, then we could end the practice of abortion in Missouri.

“Political office is reserved as a position of service, not a position of status.  The fact that Ron Paul hasn’t applied for congressional benefits tells me that he is a public servant determined to protect my liberty.

“I find great value in Ron Paul’s principled stand for protecting personal freedom and sound financial principles.  Blind loyalty to political figures has done nothing but expand the size of government, and it creates budget deficits that will take generations to pay off.  Ron Paul has a plan to cut a trillion dollars of spending his first year, and he has consistently fought for personal freedom throughout his time in Congress.”

Rep. Curtman’s Official Bio:

Today an ardent student of history and outspoken defender of the U.S. Constitution, Paul R. Curtman graduated from Pacific High School in 1999.  He subsequently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served his country as an infantryman with Golf Co. 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines.  As a Sergeant in the Marines, Paul deployed to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

After leaving active duty, Paul continued his service as a Marines Reservist for six years.  During that time, Paul attended the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he earned a bachelors’ degree in Political Science.  Upon graduation, he became licensed as a Series 7 Investment Representative and employed at a major investment firm.

Paul is the fourth of five children with two brothers and two sisters.  His father, Dr. C.R. Curtman, has pastored a Baptist church for nearly 35 years with the support of his wife, Paul’s mother.  Paul’s brothers and sisters include a biologist, accountant, police officer, and businessman.

In addition to his endorsement as a lawmaker in the Show-Me State, as a function of this announcement Rep. Curtman also joins the national advisory board of “Veterans for Ron Paul,” in particular its Missouri steering committee.

Providing a strong boost to Ron Paul’s Missouri state organization, such endorsements present Ron Paul as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.  They also demonstrate that the 12-term Congressman from Texas has the only campaign organization capable of maintaining a 50-state competition with the moderate-establishment Romney.

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